Book Summary: The Millionaire Messenger: making a difference and Sharing his fortune by Brendon Burchard

I read this book sitting at a restaurant Thai food on the Oregon coast. The food is amazing and what is very interesting is the fact that at the cash register there are book and DVD set talks about going to College for free. The author is a young man who graduated from Harvard. The book series is designed to show students and parents how to find money to pay for College. Come to find out the author was the son of the owner of the restaurant. This is a classic example of a Millionaire Messenger in action. Why is this important to me? I didn't do this summary waste your time. It is my vision to give short action steps that you can do now to improve your life. The best way to financial freedom is through business. Now most people can't just quit their jobs and start new businesses. Usually you need to work your job and your new business until you have enough income to bring sustainable business full time. Industry experts is a caring community of people who share their advice and knowledge with the world and get paid for it. You may think I am not an expert in anything. This mindset has everything to do with self-esteem & confident. Brendon Pack discusses this problem in the book. Think about it-every person has a unique fingerprint and unique life experiences. Experiences with additional research can make you an expert. I want to start with an example of the potential of becoming an expert in something. I have a good friend of mine who has done the work of cement for over 20 years. He did this with four siblings. He did not consider himself as an expert. Have you ever considered how successful Home Depot is as a business? They serve do it yourself community. My friend was only able to shoot different cement job and sell them as do it yourself ventura. It will look like this: 1. make a simple how to video on the basics and give them for free. 2. make a video series on how to perform better in a full, pavement or stairs and sell it with the manual checklist. 3. Offer paid for consulting for layout work with customers. 4. take the concrete work of high prices which is above the do it yourself community and mention your price. This is a simple example of releasing 100 years combined expertise of cement that can be easily parlayed into a seven figure business model. Tax Tips from Brendon is packed with good how to advice. For the sake of time, I'll chat about 9 reasons you should consider opening up your knowledge and passion in the business experts. 1. your work is based entirely on your passion and knowledge. This is really important because it seems no longer works when you wake up every morning to do what you love to do. 2. Related and create-your work activity centers around getting the trust and connect with your audience and create useful content that adds real value to their lives. 3. Anytime/Anywhere-make information how the product allows you the convenience of working on your schedule from anywhere. I can tell you from personal experience that build your business to do one major step towards personal freedom. 4. work with who you want – this is a big deal because statistics show that stress stress related diseases are related with whom you work with or a bad working relationship in General. 5. the promotion is based on the promo-the amount of money you make is directly related to promotional efforts you put in Your content marketing. It's all up to you and Your work ethic. 6. pay the same value-this is the strongest and most relevant points in this book. If you provide a great value, people will pay you for it and you can decide what to charge. You can't trade hours of your life to the dollar. 7. a small team-you don't need a large team to do this. You can outsource some steps so that your salary is not out of control. There is information that marketers are making millions of dollars a year with very little staff. 8. cheap tools that today's technology is really cheap. There are so many software packages are very good free ones you can craft the entire infrastructure for nothing. 9. Financial Income could beat the other industries. There are six ways to market baran

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