Shop Love...Twenty Three 07

My sister and I have been wanting to check out this cute little shop for quite some time and I'm so glad we finally did!  The oohs and awes started before we even went inside the little cottage on Lake Austin Boulevard.
This great outdoor table on the front lawn alone makes you want to pull over and stop in.
We hadn't even gone inside yet, and I just wanted to pause here at this little chatting area and take it all in.  Look at these fresh green pillows. 
Loving the front porch setup with the string lights above.  The idea of planning a summer garden party was suddenly swirling around my head.
I loved the pink potted cyclamins. To me, fresh flower beds= love.
Just inside the front door, the living room is decorated beautifully with such femininity.
 And beyond, this chocolate twin bedroom beckons you.
 Inspiration, gifts and little somethings galore.
This chair was $600.  Such character.
Honeysuckle pillows.  Pretty IS back!
This trio of mercury bottles should have come home with me. $69 each.  Should I go back and get them?

 Doesn't this gold cuff look great on Gina?  They had some great jewelry pieces.  All with real gold.
 We LOVED the pearl necklace displayed on this bottle.  So pretty and sweet.
 This is the bathroom with a terry slipcovered chair.  The pillow with punch caught my eye.
  I wish my bathroom had a shelf stocked and styled as luxuriously as this.
 How sweet is this little window dressed in the bath?
 I really liked the light fixtures here.  But would the glass become dingy and dirty?
  Gina pointed out this white hair on hide folding chair.
 I'm a big fan of sparkling mercury glass so I was thrilled to see it displayed throughout the shop.
 Another great chair in orange lacquer.  $600.  Lots of orange pops in this shop.
 Looking into the little kitchen.  Aren't these brass fixtures great?

 What cute little lights in the kitchen window.
 I really liked how they removed the cabinet doors, painted the frames white and the inside shelves gray.  The white dishes pop.  How easy to DIY!
  They had some sweet little gifts like this flower vase basket for $30.
 What a great spot for giant glass jugs.

Loved the mirror and the design books here. Not loving the sconces though.
  Striking mirror on mirror.  Now these sconces, yes, please!  I wish I had moved the flowers out of the way.
 Gray dip dyed coral and golden antlers.
More honeysuckle in their suzani pillows.
And, last but not least, a pair of old monogrammed chairs at the entrance called my name. Well, the name my niece and nephew gave me.  CC.  Aren't these meant to go in my home?
I hope you enjoyed my shop tour. I can't wait to go back to see what changes with the seasons.